Monday, March 24, 2014

Victor Davis Hanson: Obama is A Pathetic, Eunuch, Mom Jeans, Post-American Poseur President

OK so I paraphrased the title a little, but that's the basic idea.

Coincidentally, I just finished reading Edward Klein's The Amateur, and I highly recommend it. It contains a lot of information about the Amateur-in-Chief that I did not know about-especially how Obama pissed off and burned his bridges with the black small and large business owners of Chicago, the African American elite of the Windy City. He's a world class lying schmuck.

Anyway, do read the whole article by VDH, it's delicious.

"To quell international tensions, no-drama Obama did a canned hip interview with the smart-ass and cynical comic Zach Galifianakis to peddle Obamacare to now wiser young people who see its deadlines the way the Iranians saw America’s. For insurance, he also chatted with an obsequious Ellen DeGeneres and reminded Ryan Seacrest that Sarah Palin was wrong: he does not wear mommy jeans but, in fact, looks great in his various designer pants."

"Rarely on the world stage have we suffered through two such extremes as an erstwhile community organizer theorizing against a former KGB agent.  If only Putin were a run-of-the-mill college president, then Obama might order a takeover of the faculty lounge."

"Or if Putin were a local bank president, Obama, the SEIU, and Acorn might yell on his lawn about lending more money to the inner city. Alas, even Chicago is not Russia."

"Of course, we prefer our postmodern president to Putin’s Neanderthal world, given that Obama’s platitudes and serial fibbing — from keeping our doctors, period, to hounding a video maker for the terrorist attack on Benghazi — do not lead to knocking off his opponents, Russian style. The Obama administration is correct to remind us that the premodern world just can’t work in the present age according to Putin’s rules — in the way unchecked naked aggression always destroys the world around it."

"So what does our Eloi in Chief want from Putin the Morlock? He seeks to school Putin to be as sophisticated as we are, in the sense of analyzing the art of annexation and thus concluding that going Viking leads the world nowhere."

"Putin stubbornly begs to differ."