Monday, March 24, 2014

Must Read: UK Child Sex Slavery, Multiculturalism and Islam

This is a report from the Gatestone Institute, written by Soeren Kern (who has got some stones, I'll say that much).

Basically, it is about the fact that British authorities enforcing political correctness have allowed Muslim paedophile gangs to sexually abuse children with impunity for more than two decades. 

If you can stomach it, read this entire report:

Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery

It analyzes some of the religious reasons (from scripture) why one particular religion is over-represented in the perpetrator group, despite the efforts made to hush-hush that part of the problem.

"Multiculturalism is a fundamentally incoherent doctrine, invented to conceal the serious conflicts which have arisen when peoples from vastly different cultures, with different values, are forced to live together."

"Political correctness and the doctrine of multiculturalism meant that the professionals whose job it was to help the vulnerable were consciously commanding that these diverse cultural values could not be discussed."

"Multiculturalism came about in order to deny that there is any significance to cultures having different values and to conceal that there will be conflict when these incompatible values come together. Political correctness is the means by which such denial is enforced."

And it ends with an observation, which is also a chilling warning:

"Every decade, the Muslim population of Britain almost doubles in size, so there is every reason to believe that without some massive changes in our society, the activities of these gangs will grow and grow."

Personally, I believe this to be an irreversible trajectory and an irreversible demographic reality for Britain.