Tuesday, March 4, 2014

American Brats: Teen Sues Parents After Being Kicked Out of House ("But I Was a Liberal Parent!")

I don't believe in this "tough love" crap.

If you parent properly, you raise polite, respectful kids. 

"Tough love" is a post-facto mega-band aid. 

Having said that, this girl is a brat.

Perhaps one of the biggest in America.


But perhaps this is the problem:

"She didn’t adhere to assigned household chores, disrespected other family members and refused to observe a midnight curfew, according to the dad."

“I’m a liberal, liberal parent,” Canning pleaded.

I wish I could have grown up in my house. I was tougher on my cops at work than I’ve ever been at my home, that’s for sure.”


Kids need rules and order. Not permissiveness.