Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kaplan: The Lure of Nationalism

Liberal elites are out of touch.

Nationalism is here to stay. 

Every major policy issue of the left is meant to break down, or break through, or eliminate national identities.

This has been an abject failure in the EU.

There is a reason why the Germans are subsidizing the Greeks.

"The media may see the world through the prism of universal human rights. The global elite may meet at Davos and proclaim the ability to engineer a liberal order that can defeat what it sees as primordial divisions. And yet nationalism -- as well as other exclusivist tendencies such as tribalism and sectarianism -- manages to survive and prosper."

All this eco-babble on "climate change" is another pillar of the plan. It's borderless totalitarianism.

We are not all the same, we are not all equal.

Beware the elites and their grandiose supra-national plans, whatever form they take.