Monday, March 17, 2014

Pushing Back the Bullies Works: IRS Grants Non-Profit Status to Friends of Abe

I am generally not in favour of groups and organizations.

In fact, I have asked Kathy to shoot me if I ever start an organization.


Because I never want to be a part of any club or organization that would have me as a member.

Especially if I start one.

My feeling is that if you want to give your money to something, you should just give it and have the trust that the person or cause will do the right thing. If not, don't write that cheque. The receipt is a benefit, but I have given and will continue to give to causes and persons even without getting a receipt, as do many of my friends.

Even small organizations get very bureaucratic and top heavy very easily and quickly.


Because they are run by humans. 

So, it is good that the conservative Friends of Abe got their tax status, trying to work within a government framework, and being dependent on the fickle politics of a federal organization in order to carry out your work is generally a bad idea.

And always remember: just because something is a "non-profit" it does not mean that LOTS of people are not making LOTS of money.

There are reams of consultants, executive directors, etc...who make six figures plus as career "do-gooders".

So the moral of this story is that pushing back and publicizing works.

Just be careful what you wish for.