Sunday, March 16, 2014

Syrian Barbarians: Aiming Specifically to Paralyze Children

The next time someone bleats about "Israeli Apartheid" maybe ask them about this.

Syrian snipers are deliberately paralyzing children, aiming specifically for their spines. 

They are treated by Israeli doctors and sent home from Israeli hospitals in donated wheelchairs.

“The injuries are very specific: gunshot wounds from a single bullet to the lumbar spine, near 

vertebrates 2 and 3,” Hoffman told The Times of Israel. 

“These shootings are not intended to kill, but to cause misery. They result in paralysis or slow death in 

Syria’s conditions.”

Absolute savages. 

But let's talk about global warming, right-that's more important.

And "banning bossy".

Can you read such an article without weeping for these children?