Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Toronto District School Board Donated Thousands to Charity Set Up By Chair


Yes, I thought you could.

"Friends of Community Schools, founded by Mr. Bolton in 1996, is one of dozens of charitable groups that has received money from a provincially funded program operated by the TDSB, according to documents obtained by The Globe. Mr. Bolton did not officially declare his potential conflict of interest."

"Mr. Bolton stepped down as a trustee of Friends of Community Schools in December, 2010, when he became chairman of the TDSB. He maintains close ties to Friends of Community Schools through his live-in partner, Terry Ross, chairman and president of the charity. The couple’s Toronto residence is listed as the charity’s address."

"Mr. Bolton said he resigned from the charity when he became chair of the TDSB to distance himself from it. He said the TDSB has known about his involvement with the charity, which has contributed more than $600,000 to school– and community-based programs since its inception."

If any accounting-minded folks want to take a peek through the web site to see if they can spot anything stinky, their page on the CRA web site is right here.