Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Do You Hear That Sound?

That's the sound of the Lone Wolf Story Generator™being fired up.

The "national conversation on guns" stories were nuked for obvious reasons.

Ditto for the "American obsession with guns" conversation. 

And if you listen really closely, you can also hear the sound of the liberal media click-click-clicking on their keyboards, working into the night on their "backlash", "not all Muslims" and "Islamophobia" stories.

And from the editorial chambers of the international liberal press comes the call of the wild:


Hey, asshole liberal media, what new sob stories about Islamophobia and imaginary backlash are you going to spring upon us even before the bodies are cold?

Maybe you could let people collect their loved ones' bodies from the various hospitals and morgues before making Muslims the victims here?

Just a thought.

You're welcome and f&ck off.