Thursday, December 3, 2015

What More Is There To Say?

I spent most of last night pushing the latest jihad attack in America to a small corner of my mind, making a nice supper for my family and concentrating on the small pleasures of life, because the small things are the very big things.

My first reaction was: jihad. 

My second reaction is that it takes a very special kind of savage barbarian to target the most vulnerable of society.

Remember: Jews are only the initial test cases. 

The other particularly infuriating thing is that political correctness kills. 

Political correctness is a murderous extension of leftist totalitarianism that effectively makes innocent citizens complicit in their own eventual murders. 

If you find yourself asking 'what can we do', the most immediate thing that you can do is not be afraid to confront reality, to speak up and to report things that don't seem right to you.

The truth is that we are facing a culture of evil and death, and only the brave will speak about it.

From a courageous Palestinian: 

"Our perverted leaders do not only encourage young Palestinians to commit murder. When these children are killed in the act of committing murder, both the PA and Hamas claim that that Israelis "executed" them. They then call our kids martyrs (shuhadaa), glorify them and turn them into role models for other loser kids. Then they pay their families enormous bonuses."

"They send minors to do their dirty work, while knowing full well they will likely be killed by the Israeli security forces. How can we justify this to ourselves? What have we allowed to happen to the good minds that Allah gave us? Whatever happened to our sense of morality?"

"It is agonizing to see how these youngsters are turned into bargain basement castoffs. It is child sacrifice by a cynical Palestinian leadership that fosters a dark culture of murder and death."

He notes, and this is of course, universal to the jihad-and not specific to Palestinians:  

"Palestinian society seems to be regressing towards the dark era of the jahiliyyah, before Islam brought us into the light...Every day, our children drink from the poisoned well of the internet and learn how to behead and crucify and slit throats. We return to the jahiliyyah and sacrifice our sons and daughters in the name of Allah, as though Allah were a pagan statue with an altar, and had to be appeased with the blood of children."

"We live in a sick society now, in which the laws of self-preservation demand murder and vengeance. On holidays, our children watch as we slaughter sheep, so they become accustomed to the use of knives, slit throats and flowing blood. They see videos of live people burned and drowned in Iraq and Syria. They see ISIS. Nothing shocks them."

"In the West, the death of a household pet, even a goldfish, brings a child to near collapse. Our kids watch sheep screaming in their last agony, and do not bat an eyelash."

In short, you can choose to do something, or nothing about this. 

Do what you can, not what you can't. 

But don't "get used to it".