Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ferguson: Barack Obama Is Weak and Delusional In the Face of Terror

This is a brilliant essay.

My only hesitation in endorsing every single word is that I believe it is gutless to say "Islamist".

There were no "Nazists".

Read the whole thing. 

"After 14 Californians were slaughtered by Islamist radicals in San Bernardino last week, President Obama offered nothing in the way of a new strategy for defeating the mounting threat posed to the US homeland and to the West by Islamist terrorism. His speech was defiant, defensive and delusional, at a time when the free world badly needs leadership from the world’s superpower, and as the Islamic State continues to expand its presence across the globe."

"In addition to a striking lack of leadership from the White House, at the heart of the problem is Barack Obama’s refusal to acknowledge that the West and its allies across the world are engaged in a global war with the Jihadists, and what British Prime Minister David Cameron has referred to as the “poisonous ideology” of Islamist extremism."

"Barack Obama’s foreign and national security policy has been an unmitigated disaster at a time when the enemies of freedom have become increasingly emboldened."


"Shorter Obama: Dear Islamohpobes, I'm Still Not Serious About Defeating ISIS", by David French. 

"After fourteen years of war against Islamic jihadists – at a cost of more than 60,000 American killed or wounded and countless thousands more suffering the lingering effects of difficult deployments — America is so tolerant of Islam that Jews — Jews! — face far more hate crimes than Muslims. When was the last time Jewish-Americans launched a deadly terror attack? The Jewish homeland is among our closest allies, matched only by countries like the United Kingdom. Yet America is less tolerant of Jews than Muslims. Americans have responded to large-scale Islamic terror and tens of thousands of broken bodies with remarkable grace and tolerance. The American people should be applauded, not lectured."