Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Steyn: "If the President Were Working For the Other Side, What Exactly Would He Be Doing Differently?"





"He's now adopted the central talking-point of CAIR and the other duplicitous Islamic supremacists - that, when there's a big pile of corpses in the streets of a western city, the real victims are always Muslims, because racist westerners might give them funny looks on the bus the next morning."

"As King Barack sees it, the principal security threat is his own bigoted subjects."

Also, I must note that this depressed me entirely last night:

"When I was booked at the Danish Parliament for the tenth anniversary of the Mohammed cartoons, my fellow speaker Douglas Murray commented:

"Like Mark Steyn I've been doing these 'defend free speech' gigs for some years now and as Mark recently mordantly observed, I also sometimes wonder why I keep ascending up the running order only to realise that it's because everybody who used to be ahead of me is either in hiding or dead.

Late yesterday, Douglas announced:

In answer to new readers, I'm afraid for security reasons I can no longer give advance notice of speaking engagements. Hope this changes."

Here's Steyn's interview last night with Sean Hannity, and of course, Donald Trump comes up in conversation. I'm still mulling over Trump's comments about banning Muslims, so I'm not commenting about them right now. 

I will say that I think he's really hit a nerve, and I like that he's doubling down and not apologizing. The best way to understand the depth of the wound is the hysterical reaction of the media and the Professional Republican Left. 

Maybe the hyperventilating Republicans clutching their pearls and planning an apology tour at their local mosque could pop some 'ludes or smoke some hookah at their favourite shisha bar and get back to what they really do best: losing elections.

Great line: "Loretta Lynch believes in Free Speech, But." 

By the way, today at 3:00 p.m EST, you can watch Steyn live as he appears before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness to discuss Free Speech and Climate Change. Watch the live stream here.