Monday, December 7, 2015

France: The French Are in Shock! Shock I Tell You That There Is Gambling in This Establishment!

"Newspapers across France's political spectrum expressed “shock” on Monday following the victory of Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Front (FN) in Sunday’s first round of regional elections."

"The anti-Europe and anti-immigration FN scored just over 28% of the ballot, claiming a lead in six of 13 regions in mainland France."

"The party was ahead of the conservative mainstream led by former president Nicolas Sarkozy (27%) and the ruling Socialists (23.5%)."

"No one party scored the 50% needed to secure outright victory in the first round. The second round will take place this coming Sunday."

"For the first time ever, right-wing establishment newspaper Le Figaro and communist mouthpiece Humanité used exactly the same headline, which read simply: “Shock.”

You know, it would be nice if these dumb-head media morons would finally admit that THEY are "far-left" and the "far-right" is actually in the centre. The "far-right" wants merely for its country not to go full Dar Al Islam. The media controls the narrative, but the truth is that "far-right" means "sane".