Sunday, December 6, 2015

Glenn Reynolds: The Desperate, Pathetic New York Times and Liberal Weakness

This is a great article, and this is a particularly salient observation: 

"It’s supposed to be the function of a free press to resist politicians’ efforts to duck important issues, not to help politicians duck important issues. But, as Jonah Goldbergalso noted, the Times' dramatic gesture is really a sign of weakness: “It shows you how desperate and frustrated the editors — and liberals generally — are with the fact that this country doesn’t agree with them on guns. It also shows that the ‘national conversation’ most Americans want has more to do with Islamist terrorism and less to do with the alleged 'gun show loophole.'"

"This alone doesn’t make the Times’ views or their arguments illegitimate or invalid. But it does illustrate how unpersuasive they are to much of the public. ... What’s true for lawyers is also true for newspapers: When you’re shouting and pounding the table, it’s probably because you’re losing the argument.”

The only thing is: does anyone care? 

Are there any "adult" voters left in America, or anywhere else in the free world for that matter? Ugh. 

Reality check: We're still losing.