Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I have about a dozen great links and LOTS of snarky comments to share, but a) I'm exhausted b) it's Chanukah, and c) I didn't have a mouse today and cutting and pasting with the touch pad on my lap top is a real bitch.

I'll post a bunch of juicy stuff tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a few nuggets till then:

Pam Geller to Loretta Lynch "come and get me you b*tch"!

Former lefty Roger L. Simon says "Forget Trump", and calls for a complete ban on sharia in the United States of America. 

Andrew McCarthy agrees. 

Boy does Trump bring out the craaaaazy. 

But who is crazy now, baby? 

Mazel tov, Germany: hitting the 1,000,000 Muslim mark. 

Great job, Angela Merkel on turing your country into a backward Islamic sh&tter and being TIME magazine's person of the year, the first German leader to have that distinguished honour since YOU KNOW AND BOY IS HE LAUGHING ABOUT THE NEO-NAZIS YOU HAVE ADOPTED.