Thursday, December 10, 2015

Shorter Steyn Testimony at the US Senate: Head For the Hills, You're On Your Own You Evil Deniers And Stupid Americans

I tuned into the live proceedings earlier this week, under the admittedly deluded assumption/ wishful thinking (points fingers accusingly in Mark Steyn's general direction) that it was Steyn's show.


Where was I?

Right. I thought that it would be The Full Steyn, and was really horrified and confused, and later totally pissed at Steyn when the first thing I was forced to watch and listen to was a geriatric liberal babbling on about salt water, weather and wells, trying to convince the public that their lives depended on listening to his utterly crazy blather.

(I totally didn't break up with Steyn because of that, just so you know-these things happen...)

But that old biddy kept going on and on about wells and oceans, planet and "science" and "scientists" and WHAT SCIENCE SAYS! That was my first clue that we were sadly, not in Kansas anymore.

Steyn has posted some reflections on the whole, excruciating exersise here. 

But before the official hearing even began, Big Climate brought out some of their enforcers to do what Steyn identifies as witness tampering. 

It's painful to watch, but you must watch it first of all, to see how the left is allowed to and encouraged to break all the rules: rules of proceedings, decorum, honour and civil interaction. They lie and cheat without remorse or regret because the ends justify the means.

(This disgraceful conduct may have criminal blowback, by the way.)

But moreover, you have to listen to it, because Steyn sounds totally butch repeating the line "he said not a dime, you sonofabitch".

(He was also terrifically gallant in defending Judith Curry's honour. To wit: "In the rules of life, a gentleman does not insult a woman and then stand on parliamentary dignity to deny her a reply. If that's the "decorum of the Senate", then Senator Markey puts the dick in decorum.")


*fans self*

*reaches for smelling salts*

I found the general tone of the Brainless Beltway Bimbos extremely rude and arrogant. These "public servants" are a despicable lot, and the most appalling thing was that they haughtily lectured the experts on the panel, and then basically told them each to shut up after they were done with ghastly rudeness like "I didn't ask for your answer", or "I'm not asking you to respond", or other equally grotesque and uncivil variations of SHUT UP.

Another notable was the degree of impassioned beta-male hysteria among the eunuch left on this climate file. According to the testosterone free liberal left "public servants" (I guess they are banging their pillows, or Mother Earth because glechhhhhh) everything has to happen NOW, THERE IS NO TIME LEFT for anything OR WE WILL ALL DIE. NOW NOW NOW. Just like toddlers, but playing with our money and the future prosperity of our children and grandchildren.

The oceans will rise, we will all freeze, or get hot flashes, the polar bears will suffering, the wells are drying out, Boston is underwater and YOU WILL LISTEN TO EXPERTS YOU STUPID PEOPLE BECAUSE WE KNOW BEST BECAUSE 97% AND SETTLED SETTLED SETTLED!

They sneer and roll their eyes. How delightful it must be for the American populace (and it's here in Canada as well) to be lectured on the weather by such imbeciles as we pay their lavish salaries, junkets to Paris and lifestyles.

At one point, they were comparing climate change to communism as the biggest threat to THE ENTIRE PLANET because I guess they haven't heard of ISIS and never met a jihadi. Weird, they should totally get internet in Washington, D.C some day.

And herein lies the rub-as Steyn notes in his blog post:

"I've been told that there's never been an occasion where two witnesses turned the tables on a senator and bombarded him with questions. If that's the case, Americans shouldn't wait another 200 years to do it again. No citizen should consent to be insulted to her face by a mere elected representative."

The bullies don't like to be called on their bullsh&t. Steyn pushed back, hard, and pushing back works. Americans have gotten used to being indentured slaves to the ruling class and the Political Left, the ruling class, has very big plans to suck more of America dry. Climate change is merely the vehicle. 

The bottom line is that the Climate Change movement/religion is an attack on capitalism. 

It is an attack by socialists and other anti-western forces on the developed world and Judeo-Christian values because tackling the real danger, the real barbarism and the real threats to humanity is too scary for most humans. 

If you want to hear a magnificent summary of what this is all about, and why Trump continues to rise in popularity, listen to this clip from the Mark Levin show. 

So what "lessons can be learned" from Steyn's testimony?

First of all that Ted Cruz showed courage in convening the committee. Cruz is an honourable man, and BTW his Chanukah greeting was absolutely awesome. Seriously 10 out of 10 latkes for that. I was profoundly moved by his message, and for what it's worth, I am still a Cruz Joooz. More really, really good stuff on that here. 

It's unlikely that the session will make a difference in the short-term, or cause much climate change apostasy among the believers, but it is important to shine line on the arrogance of the political left.

It's also clear that despite Mark Steyn's brilliant and heartfelt remarks (with the killer first sentence-KILLER), nobody in the American government system, with the exception of Ted Cruz, gives a crap about Steyn's personal struggle with Big Climate, or the fight being waged by the other distinguished, courageous individuals on that panel.

Therefore, as with Steyn's need for grassroots support from regular individuals, offended by this modern climate witch-hunt, so too are the American people "on their own" so to speak, as they move toward an election, and attempt via candidates like Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and other non-professional, ruling class American taxpayer-funded snide, entitled aristocrats to turn back the heartbreaking, socialist, terror-embracing, Jew-hating, post-American decline championed by President Obama and take back America.