Friday, March 14, 2014

Steyn: Live Brie or Die!

I love this:

"Liberty is a full-spectrum affair - guns and butter, assault weapons and Camembert."

Actually, I think that part of the food obsession thing is that liberals are so boring, and have so few real world problems that they start to create "problems" and see "danger" where none exists. See Michael Bloomberg for an example.

In my experience, this strange (OK totally gonzo nutsoid) obsession with food input also happens most frequently with people who have lost religion.

I don't really care what people are allergic to, or how much they spend on their organic soy milk as long as I don't have to hear about it or pay for it.

I'm not interested in your input or your output, kapish?

While it's clear that there is an obesity epidemic in America, I am against regulating people into anything "for their own good" because there is no limit to what that might entail.

In a free society, people should be free to screw themselves up as they well please and suffer the consequences of their actions.

Too much bad comes of good intentions, trying to 'fix' people who consistently make bad choices.

The other thing is that I have rarely met a conservative person who obsesses about what he or she puts into their body.

Perhaps your experience with this subject is different.

One thing is clear, a populace that sheepishly and unquestioningly accepts excessive government intrusion and micro-regulation of cheese will assuredly be more compliant about government intrusion and micro-regulation of every other facet of life from light bulbs to toilets to school curriculum and forcing bakers to bake cakes against their conscience.

It's all for your own good, you see.